Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bella Grace Boutique Pillowcase Dresses

Although boys run rampant in mine and my husband's family, we were blessed with 2 girls. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I absolutely love all of the stylish clothing they have out there for girls. I love finding unique outfits for Emilee and Grace while shopping for them. While my own wardrobe needs a serious makover, I make sure my girls are stylin'. During the summer months I love dressing them in dresses for no special reason. Even if we are just hanging around the house, I love the look of my little girls all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Speaking of unique little girl clothes, Bella Grace Boutique offers the most darling little girl Pillowcase Dresses I've ever seen. They come in vintage, classic and modern designs that will give your child the originality that only a handmade, one-of-a-kind product can give.

Each dress is made with a ribbon tie at the shoulders making it easy to get on and off. The stitching is of proffessional quality and you can certainly tell that a tremendous amount of time and dedication has gone into each charming little dress.

Bella Grace Boutique's Pillowcase Dresses also make a fabulous shirt when your child has outgrown it as a dress. I love how versitile the dresses are. If you take a look at their gallery you will see exactly what I'm talking about. I'm sold.

Authentic. Original. Charming. Bella Grace.

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sara l. said...

These are SO cute and simple! Now, if I just had that little girl to wear it....LOL!

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Can I actually leave a comment now?

Anonymous said...

I adore these dresses! I have yet to see one that isn't completely fabulous!!!


Elizabeth said...

I love, love, love these dresses. I was blessed with a boy and a girl and my daughter looks adorable in them.

caroline kelly burdette said...

We have many dresses from Bella Grace. I could not be happier with the craftmanship and design! My girls look so adorable in their dresses and we recieve numerous compliments when they wear them. The girls have outgrown two of the dresses, so they now wear them as shirts with jeans. Too cute!

debawriter said...

I love those! I'm so glad I found this site!


Pennies In My Pocket said...

Totally ADORABLE!! LOVE them!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I MUST get one for my Emma! SO cute!