Sunday, February 17, 2008

Funny Girl Designs

As the mother of 2 girls, I'm always looking for cute, girly clips for my daughters' hair. My oldest, Emilee, has had crazy, unruly hair almost since birth I sure had my hands full trying to get her little mop top under control. Normally it was just a ponytail at the top of her head and we were fine. Since I had been containing her hair since birth, we rarely had the problem of her yanking her ponytail out and looking like this:

Talk about a bad hair day!

Then, along came Gracie who was also born with some hair, but not nearly as much as Emilee. I tried and tried to get her little bit of hair into a bow or pony tail but to no avail. Here is a picture of how desperate I was to have a little baby "do".

Better leave well enough alone. So, I gave up for while. Then Gracie turned one and it was like all of the sudden this little girl had some hair. I was soooooooooooo excited. But the second I got a pony tail in, the little hands would go up and pull it out. I felt hopeless. :(

Until...... I found Funny Girl Designs. Funny Girl Designs is a boutique that carries fun and unique handmade hair accessories. Some of their original designs include baby clips, alligator no-slip hair clips, headbands, soft and stretchy headbands, baby hair bows, barrettes and so much more. The clips featured here are the very first clips that I've been able to put in Gracie's hair and she has not even attempted to touch or pull out. It's almost as if she doesn't even know it's there. How perfect! There are so many things that make Funny Girl Designs fabulous, one of them being that they use lead free rhinestones on their products as seen on the beautiful lavendar headband below. That is sure to put your heart at ease.
Another fabulous feature is that they will custom make accessories to coordinate with an outfit you may already have. Talk about customer service!

Funny Girl Designs has a vast variety of colors, designs and patterns that are sure to make you feel overwhelmingly satisfied after you have spent some time shopping at their boutique.


Ashley said...

Sorry to hear your little one is sick! Lorelei has an ear infection, flu, AND is teething again. lol. I'm just glad it's not pneumonia!

Those clips are cute!

kate said...

Cute clips! Have you tried They have a great assortment of clips for little girls, tweens and women. The bad hair day syndrome can last a lifetime (I speak from personal experience), but headbands and clips can save the day. Take a look!