Friday, April 4, 2008

So, I've taken up sewing......

Well, my laptop is still out for repair so what am I doing with all my free time? Umm, catching up with some laundry although I never actually get caught up. A little bit of organizing. Some healthy eathing. Oh, and sewing. I bought myself my first sewing machine. A Singer of course. Did I mention I have no idea what I'm doing? Just figuring out how to thread the darn thing was a nightmare. But needless to say, after many hours tinkering around with it, I realized I had done something wrong, fixed it and was in love again with my new toy.

That is, until tonight. A jam. A really really bad one. It seems to be cleared but it doesn't quite feel the same. Do sewing machines get oiled? I wonder.

Anyhow, I had high hopes of making some fabulous baby products for my best friend whose baby shower I'm going to on Sunday. How hard could some burp cloths and a changing pad be? Harder than I anticipated because I botched them both.

Sew, does anyone have any beginner tips for me? Any great tutorials you can point me to? I need all the help I can get.

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Mrs Mac said...

Ohhh you've entered the sewing world... Congrats! there will be som eup hill battles but in the end it's rather rewarding. Sewing machines can be oiled... if you have the manual for the sewing machine it should mention where to oil it.

What kind of tutorial are you hunting for? I can't think of any off the top of my head since i'm not sure what needs addressing.

I taught myself to sew a few years back, but only recently bought a book about it. The Complete BOok of Sewing by DK publishings is very indept in my opinion. however like i said it took me a while to break down an actual by the book. I highly recommend just going to the library and borrowing their books on sewing and after awhile you'll figure out which book is your favorite (normally the one the ends up with lots of library fines lol)

best of luck!

Kendra said...

I agree with mrs mac about the library and I have to say that you just have to keep practicing. I learned by doing and jams and huge knots are all part of the fun;) If you need help give me a holler!!

Deborah said...

If your Singer is new, it shouldn't need oiling. And since you mention the problems you're having, you evidently don't have the manual, correct? And all three of us agree - it's hard to give you sewing tips, we don't know what you ant to do. Are you wanting to sew clothes for you? For someone else? Are you wanting to learn quilting? What are you wanting to sew? Knowing that will enable us to guide you in the right direction. Sewing machines are tempremental - yours might not like the brand of thread you're using, or your tension may need adjusting, so just continue playing with it until you find something that feels right. Are your feed dogs up or down? Are you sure it is threaded correctly? If not, that can still be your problem. You just have to be patient. Especially if you don't have the manual - in which case, google for your machine model number and you can probably buy a manual. That will make your life easier. Good luck.

Goodies for Mom said...

Practice, practice, practice. LOL!!!