Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Please Welcome Killlashandra!

Please join me in welcoming Killlashandra, from Full Time in New Mexico, as she joins the Modern Mama writing team. I met her through my blog and she is by far my most faithful reader and commenter. :)

Lately I had been feeling really overwhelmed with the thought of how much I have to do each day and how I seem to overextend myself way too much. I love this blog and didn't want to let it go but I knew that I just could not possibly keep it up by myself AND run my business, The Emilee Grace Company. There was no way. Then it hit me. "Ask for help you knucklehead." lol I was going to make a post asking if anyone was interested when I thought 2 things (in no specific order) 1. What if some wackos respond? Then what do I do? and 2.) Ask Killlashandra. She's a faithful reader and she does a fabulous job with her own blog. So, I decided to go with the latter (a much safer choice). Thankfully she agreed. I could not have been happier. I know she's going to be a great addition to this site.

So, take a gander over to her blog, check her out and leave her some love. :)

Thanks, Killlashandra, for joining Modern Mama's Fabulous Favorites. You are truly a blessing. :)

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Scribbit said...

A big welcome--hey I know her!