Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You Want to Celebrate Me? But it's not my birthday...

A lot of times as moms we kind of lose our identity. We rarely put our needs first and we live for our families. Let's face it, we organize birthday parties, Superbowl parties, holidays, dinner parties, playdates, etc. We do these things because we love our families and want to make them happy. We definitely don't do it for the recognition (I hope) and that's good because a lot of times we don't get it. That's not to say that our families don't appreciate us but sometimes in the excitement of it all, we get lost in the shuffle.
Well, that's all going to least over here. Starting Friday, January 23rd, we will launch:
"Today's Modern Mama: A Tribute to A Fabulous Mom"
Every Friday a different mom and her blog will be featured right here at Modern Mama's Fabulous Favorites. This is a special time for her so please stop by her blog and give her some comment love. We all want comments. We all want to know that someone out there is listening to us. Let's show some mamas that they are appreciated!
If you would like to be featured (there's no such thing as shameless plugs around here!) or if you know a fabulous mom who blogs, send an email to modernmamadiana(at) with Today's Modern Mama in the subject and let me know.


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