Monday, January 19, 2009

Warm Whiskers

Living in the Northeast, I've about had it with the snow and the cold weather. And with the economy in the condition that it's in, we are trying to cut back on a little bit of everything. And that means keeping our thermostat a little lower than usual. I love that warm, toasty feeling. If we had a fireplace, I'd plop myself infront of it and spend my day there. But, we don't so I am all about finding something to help keep me warm.

Over the Christmas holiday I had won a beautiful, knit blanket during the White Elephant game at our church Christmas party. I had my eye on it and thanks to my friend, Kristin, I took it home. Well, that covers my body but what about my poor, cold feet? Don't they need some warmth too?

The answer is, of course, yes. Well, that is where Warm Whiskers come in.

About the Company
Warm Whiskers is a company dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals by providing a product line that promotes relaxation, stress and tension relief, and comfort for the body and soul. We not only pride ourselves on the quality and functionality of our products, but also on providing exceptional customer service.

Established in 2000, Warm Whiskers is the industry leader of animal-shaped herbal heating pads that may also be frozen. Warm Whiskers are all designed with extraordinary attention to detail and are made with premium grains, herbs, and fabric. Warm Whiskers includes items to comfort children and pets as well.

I had the opportunity to review these adorable Heatable Slippers. After popping them in the microwave for the suggested period of time, my feet were being pampered while I just sat there and enjoyed the warmth. I sat in the kitchen and dawdled on the computer as usual but could barely get anything done. I was distracted by how good my feet felt. And how warm and toasty they were. :)

About the Slippers

Warm Whiskers' Heatable Slippers are the ultimate relaxation inducers and tension tamers, making them the perfect pampering items for all ages. These heatable and freezable slippers contain a removable insert that is filled with a blend of flaxseed and lavender. The entire slipper may be placed in the microwave (sole facing up to keep your microwave clean) and heated for approximately 30 to 45 seconds to provide your feet with 30 minutes of exhilarating comfort. Additionally, these cute slippers can be chilled in a freezer for an hour to reduce the swelling of tired, overworked feet. Hot or cold, they make a comforting gift beyond compare. Our Velcro closure ensures that the insert stays put when in use and allows for the easy removal of the insert to facilitate cleaning and comfort.

Warm Whiskers are not just slippers. Their product line consists of neck wraps, slippers, body wraps, eye pillows, pocket critters, body pillows and pampered pets.

Prices range from $12-$42. Available at


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Killlashandra said...

Those sound too comfortable and look super cute. :)