Monday, January 7, 2008


Since this is a blog about favorites, I may as well tell you about my most favorite place online to hang out. Cafemom. What on earth did I do before I found it in February of 2007? Well, I probably had a cleaner house, my laundry folded and more time for hobbies.

If you have not heard all the buzz about Cafemom lately, maybe you need to check your ears! It's like a Myspace for moms, only better! But let me warn you. It's addicting! You can join hundreds, maybe thousands, of groups to discuss anything you want to discuss. If you are an avid digital scrapbooker, there are groups for that. If you are a mom of a strong-willed preschooler, there are groups for that. Do you love Jesus like me? Plenty of Jesus Lover groups too. It's a fun, exciting place to meet people and make friends. Go. Go check it out. Now. Shoo!


Ashley said...

Cafemom rocks!!!

Kirsten said...

Don't forget that you can make great friends there too! Like you -- I met you! Great blog!!!