Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ingrid and Isabel Bella Bands

It's confirmed. You saw the little plus sign appear. Your blood work agrees. You're pregnant! Yay!!!! As your mind is now swirling around with all sorts of questions and thoughts but it eventually settles on maternity clothes. Those favorite pair of jeans will have to be a thing of the past for a few months, you think. Or, will they? Not if you have a Bella Band. Ingrid and Isabel Bella Bands will revolutionize your existing wardrobe. The Bella Band is a seamless knit band that you wear around your waistline over unbuttoned jeans, over maternity pants that you don't quite fill out yet and over maternity pants that seem to slide down to your hips. You can wear them so that no one even knows you have it on or you can let it stick out the bottom or your shirt giving you a layered look. Bella Bands come in various sizes and colors. This is an absolute mommy favorite and "must have" for all expecting mamas.

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