Friday, January 25, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things

My daughter, Emilee, comes out with some real doozies! She's been potty trained for about a year now and had been doing soooo great. Rarely an accident. Well, about 6 months ago or so she started having little mishaps. I think it was more out of boredom and laziness than anything. Every time I'd ask her why she went pee pee in her pants she'd come up with some crazy excuse that made absolutely no sense at all. Until one day she had an accident and I asked her the million dollar question, "why did you go pee pee in your underwear?" and she responded with "cuz my underwears was thirsty."

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Kirsten said...

That is classic! I hope that Lindsay doesn't think of that one! I am thinking of starting my little one on the 3daypottytraining in a few months... How about you?