Monday, January 21, 2008

Today I observed....

On my travels to Walmart this morning I observed a number of things:

  1. I observed many bad hair styles
  2. I observed a friendly, but oh so very slow, cashier
  3. I observed that I had picked the wrong line to wait on (as if there are any good lines at Walmart)
  4. I observed that where I live truly is the bad hair capital of the world (ever since my sister, Kate, pointed that out to me, I have noticed that it is very very true)
  5. I observed that 3 out of 4 shopping carts had a bum wheel
  6. I observed someone with BIG feathered hair
  7. I obseved that the BIG feathered hair did not look that bad and the lady was really pretty
  8. I observed that they never have the drink mix that I'm looking for
  9. I observed that Walmart seems to attract all kinds of people
  10. I observed that it takes the same amount of time to do your shopping as it does waiting on a line.
  11. I observed that in spite of all these things, I will continue to shop there because they have the best prices. :)

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