Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let there be light!

Well Earth day was a month or so ago and technically this should have been posted then but if you're a mom, you know full well what it's like to get distracted and side tracked. Oy! But just because "earth day" is over, it doesn't mean that we can't be a little greener every other day of the year.

When you hear the word Sylvania, what do you think? The first thing that comes to mind is TV. Most of us know it probably as a brand of electronics and appliances, which it is, but did you know that they also sell light bulbs? Recently I received a sample of their Micro-Mini Twists.

I used mine right over my stove. They fit perfectly and the give off great lighting. Most of the time I would usually only have one bulb in at a time because one would burn out and then I'd forget to pick up more. But now I have 2 great Sylvania Micro-Mini Twists which should last for roughly 12,000 hours. Isn't that awesome? I'm using 13 watts but it looks like I'm using 60.

To read more about this fabulous little find, click HERE.

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