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Candyland Theme Party

I always run into problems when I'm trying to plan a birthday party for my girls. I always have grande ideas of a fun and exciting event but usually I'm running behind on the planning and I just throw something together. When they are smaller it doesn't really matter because the party is more for us as they won't remember. But, as they get older, then they start making lists and telling you things that they want at their party and for their birthday and then the pressure kicks in. Can I just ask, what in the world is going on with Sweet Sixteen's these days? It's like a wedding! But I digress...........

I came across this neat little tool on that helps you plan unique parties for your children and it even breaks it down by gender, then age, then theme. I found one that I thought was cute and different and I figured I'd post and let you see.

The theme is a Candyland Carnival Party. Here's all the details you will need to pull it off. (This party theme is suited for ages 4-7)

For kids, candy is king. So, what better way to celebrate your little sweet-tooth's big day than to bring this beloved children's game to life right at home!

On a piece of colored construction paper, write out the birthday invitation.Suggested wording:
Follow the Candy Land trail to [name of your child]'s party at [location] on [date and time]. Roll the construction paper and tape it closed with a candy-themed sticker. Slip in a small lollipop and candy cane. Wrap the roll in a piece of colored-cellophane. Tie both ends with a piece of brightly colored ribbon (to resemble a piece of saltwater taffy). Mail in a 12" mailing tube (available at shipping and delivery centers).

Create the Candy Land trail by laying out red, purple, green, orange, yellow, and blue pieces of construction paper around the party room or in your backyard. Set up two folding tables to be used as candy stations along the path and place the party table at its end. Purchase paper plates, cups, and silverware in a rainbow of colors. To make the centerpiece, fill a clear cellophane bag with large jelly beans and tie on several brightly colored balloons.

Sugar-cereal necklaces:
Have the guests follow the trail to the first table. Fill plastic bowls with Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Cheerios, and any other O-shaped cereal as well as shoestring licorice to be used for making candy necklaces.

Candy castles:
At the second station, have the children make miniature candy castles.
You'll need:
Empty squirt bottles
Paper plates (labeled with each child's name
Several empty individual-size juice cartons
Graham cracker squares
Candy for decoration: gumdrops, candy canes, lollipops, candy corn, gummy bears, jelly beans,
Royal icing
Fill the squirt bottles with the icing. Have the children frost the graham cracker squares using the bottles. Show them how to adhere the candy to the icing. Help them "glue" the graham crackers to the walls and roof of the juice cartons using the icing. Place the finished castles on each girl's initialed plate. Let them dry for the remainder of the party.

Candy scavenger hunt:
What sweets-themed party would be complete without a scavenger hunt for candy? Scatter candy around the party area. Hand out brightly colored paper bags and have the children quickly collect as much candy as they can find. Caution: Do not include hard candy or gum, as they are considered choking hazards.

Birthday Cake:
Bake a rectangle sheet cake.
Frost the cake in the icing flavor of your choice.
Decorate the cake using brightly colored candies such as jelly beans, sweethearts, candy corn, and M&M's. Write "Happy Birthday [name of child]" in the center of the cake.
Position the four gingerbread pawns from your Candy Land board game at the corners of the cake.

Party Favors:
Along with the candy castles and bags of goodies from the scavenger hunt, send the sugar lovers home with something they're really going to need: a child-size toothbrush depicting a favorite character and flavored toothpaste tied together in a bow!

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