Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Featured Company: AbbyRoo, It's in the bag!

Today's Featured Company is AbbyRoo. What is an AbbyRoo you say? Glad you asked. An AbbyRoo is a canvas/cotton carry-all bag is just about perfect for just about every need just about everyday. It has very handy compartments designed for getting through each and every day - getting through life! Unzip the two front full length zippers and expose the hidden eight mesh compartments. All arranged in several sizes to handle the stuff we carry, but all visible at a glance in the bag. Add the large back side pocket and roomy inside of the tote and the AbbyRoo can handle all of your stuff because it's in the bag!

Let me tell you, this bag is perfect! It really is. When I opened mine up and inspected it, I thought "wow, this bag is perfect for a lot of things." My thoughts immediately began running away with me. An overnight bag for the kids. A bag to bring to the beach. A Diaper Bag. A carry on bag while traveling. You won't have to worry if your luggage gets lost because there is plenty of room in the AbbyRoo for all of your traveling needs. The possibilities are endless, really.

The AbbyRoo comes in plain Ivory and Black or with the words Cheer or Dance on them. You can pick one up at www.abbyroo.com for $34 for the month of JUNE. :)


Killlashandra said...

It's the perfect bag for toting all that infant stuff that turns into toddler stuff and then into kid stuff, and later into feed the teenagers all the time stuff. ;)

Rashmi said...

Wow, this is just perfect. Someone's taken it right out of my brain and created it, it seems :)
Great find, Diana!

Indrani said...

Yeah, I agree with Rashmi, it does seem perfect for every purpose.

Thanks for dropping by my potpourri.