Sunday, June 15, 2008

Winner for the "No you wave bye bye Giveaway"

It's Sunday night and I'm day late and a dollar short.

However, I'm sure lucky number 3 won't mind a bit. Picked via, Bunny B has just become the lucky winner of a very cute and very expressive bib posted in our no you wave bye bye giveaway.

We'll be talking to you soon.

~Killlashandra over here at Modern Mamma's Fabulous Favorites


Bunny B said...

Ooo... sweet! Yeay!! Replying your email :)

AllyJo said...

Thanks for your kind comment. I'm not sure where to post for your day book entry. Is this where? Is Tar Baby good?

These people were in our backyard back in Texas. You can help support small business and get their lavender products here:

Now we live in Florida. I want to go home. :)

Kind regards and have a blessed week.