Saturday, August 2, 2008

Potty Training Woes - Share Your Stories

Potty Training. I have such mixed feelings about potty training. When I was training my oldest, Emilee, it seriously felt hopeless. I think it took us around a year of trying and just when we thought we had it down, she'd revert back. It wasn't until we used the 3 Day Potty Training method that we finally nailed it. I'm telling ya, that feeling of accomplishment was unreal. And totally unexpected. I was so proud (of me and her). I finally felt like I was doing something right!

So, why would I hesitate to take on this fabulous feat again with daughter #2? Because it's really HARD work that's why! lol I'll admit it. And sometimes, let's be honest moms, it's easier to have them in diapers than it is to have them potty trained. You can go out shopping and not have to worry about dragging them to the bathroom every 10 minutes for fear that they'll have an accident. You can sit through a meal out (hopefully?) without having to get up and take someone to the bathroom because they are carrying on and screaming that they are going to wet their pants and that they can't hold it and that they REALLY have to go bad and............well you get the idea. Yeah. That's pretty much what Emilee does everytime we go out to eat.

Well, as much as I'd love to put training Gracie on hold for awhile because I'M not ready, I think she is. For example, this child refuses to keep her diaper on if she is not wearing a onesie. On more than one occasion I'll find her walking around the house bare hiney. Heck even one night I put her to bed (in a onesie of course) only to find her fast asleep a few hours later, bare bottom in the air. She managed to get her diaper off. When she goes peeps, she tells me she's wet. All the signs are there. I know I should just bit the bullet, right? And with grocery prices - and everything else for that matter - rising I can stand to save $40 a month.

Can someone please kick my butt into gear????????????

So, those are my potty training woes. Wanna share yours? I'd love to hear them - especially some funny stories! It's raining and muggy here - I could use a laugh. :)



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MightyMom said...

oh I guess I'll kick your butt in gear if'n you kick mine.

I've given up on my 3 yr old and figure he'll figure it out in his own time....