Friday, January 23, 2009

Today's Modern Mama: Leelou Blogs

This week alone I have come across so many wonderful blogs that I have never seen before. I immediately began following, subscribing and blog listing them all so that I would remember to keep coming back. I have to admit, what has drawn me to so many of them is their blog design. So, I figured what better way to kick off our "Today's Modern Mama: A Tribute to a Fabulous Mom" than to feature a very unique and creative blog called Leelou Blogs.

Leelou Blogs is run by 2 fabulous moms, Julie and Nicole. At their blog you will find FREE layouts that are just perfect. Every one is cuter and sassier than the last.

For just $15 you can get a pre-made layout and here's just a few samples of those:

If you get bored easy and like to change your blog template often (like me) they offer memberships for $65 in which you get to pick 5 pre-made layouts at any time during the year for your blog. You can get a different look for each season or holiday and have your header customized with your family name/saying and picture! In addition to their current pre-made headers, they will put up at least 3-5 new pre-made headers a month for you to chose from. Now that's a bargain and we all love a good sale!
Want to stand out from the rest? Leelou's custom blog design is the way to go. :)
So, Leelou Blogs, today we are celebrating you and all the work you do for the blog community. Congratulations on being "Today's Modern Mama"!



Kristina P. said...

What a great site! Sometimes, it is nice for a change.

Keri said...

Okay, so this comment doesn't have anything to do with your post, and I apologize for that. But I just had to come over and say thank you for the wonderful comment. Nice to know there is support for when I need it.

Leelou Blogs said...

Thanks so much for the feature! Do you have a code for your button so I can put it on my blog?

jen@odbt said...

Thanks for the link to the fun blog. Love finding new sites, especially yours. Have a great weekend.

debilyn said...

What a Fabulous Site!!!
Love, love, LOVING it.
Obviously you have great taste, too, because LeeLou is another great sweet of you to feature them =)

Thanks for following the madness that is me. And for the super sweet comment. Believe it or not, I LOVE sweetness too ;)

Michele said...

Leelou Blog? I will have to take a peek. I love their name. What a resourceful blog you have.

Thanks for visiting me on my big, bloggy day!

Scribbit said...

Very nice designs!